NOVEMber Tips for nw gardeners


Plant more spring -flowering bulbs soon! Plant bulbs 2-3 times as deep as the bulb is tall.

Consider shrubs with winter interest: twisty branches and colorful berries brighten the winter garden.

Mulch! We like G&B Organics Soil-Building Conditioner. Add between 1-3 inches around plants but do not pile mulch up against crowns and trunks of plants.


Make sure you plant your garlic before the end of November for a harvest next summer!

Do you have veggie beds that will be bare over the winter? Consider sowing a cover crop that will help fix nitrogen in the soil, prevent erosion and help keep soil from getting compacted by heavy rains. Remember to till in your cover crop in the early spring. Learn more about Cover Crop Choices and Techniques



Fungus gnats can be a problem this time of year. Try a natural product with Bacillus thuringiensis to control them organically.

Poinsettias are in! Add some holiday cheer to your home with this beautiful plant, available in a wide variety of colors not usually seen.

Love your houseplants? So do we! We'd love to see pics. Share the love on our Facebook wall, or on Twitter and Instagram with #heyswansons!


Clean and check your mower to prepare it for winter storage.

You can still fertilize your lawn this month to keep it healthy over the winter.


Plant Care Library

At Swansons, we’re dedicated to growing the smartest, hippest, and healthiest gardeners in the Pacific Northwest. Below is a library filled with pages on what we grow in Seattle. Just remember, we were all novices once, and no one knows it all. So enjoy, keep learning, and happy gardening!

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