December Tips for nw gardeners



Feed the birds! Our feathered friends are grateful for extra food over the winter. We have several birdseed mixes to attract different species of birds to your yard. Learn more about attracting birds on the blog.

Hellebore, heather, evergreen grasses, and winter pansies add color and interest to the winter garden. Also consider shrubs with winter interest: twisty branches and colorful berries brighten the winter landscape.


Be sure to remove any dead annual vegetables from the garden and dispose of them the in compost bin.

As night temperatures dip toward freezing, set up winter protection like cloches, cold frames, and hoops to extend the growing season, if desired.

Cut back yellowed asparagus fronds to 12 inches and leave until early spring when you can pull the dead stems out.

Check our blog category Edible Gardening for helpful posts about all things edible.


Poinsettias are a festive addition to the home for the holidays. Learn more about keeping them healthy and beautiful in this article on the blog.

Stop fertilizing most plants (exceptions include those that are currently flowering or flower in the winter) and cut back on watering, especially for cacti and succulents.

Learn more about the Proper Care and Feeding of Indoor Plants.




You can remove any wet and moldy leaves from the lawn now with a mover, blower, or rake.

Clean and check your mover to prepare for winter storage.

Try to limit traffic on frozen grass and wet, saturated soils.



Plant Care Library

At Swansons, we’re dedicated to growing the smartest, hippest, and healthiest gardeners in the Pacific Northwest. Below is a library filled with pages on what we grow in Seattle. Just remember, we were all novices once, and no one knows it all. So enjoy, keep learning, and happy gardening!

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