July Tips for nw gardeners

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Your plants need water to thrive, especially annuals and those that are newly planted. Even "drought-tolerant plants" need some water (read the Truth about Drought-Tolerant Plants). It's best to start a regular watering schedule now. Learn more about Best Watering Practices for Your Northwest Garden.

Many perennials that attract pollinators are now in bloom! Try these 7 Perennials to Bring Pollinators to Your Garden.

Save your fruit crops from marauding birds by wrapping bushes and trees in netting before the fruit ripens. Here's how




Enjoy salads all summer long and into fall by planting leafy greens such as lettuce, arugula, Swiss chard, radicchio, and bok choy in July and August. Many of these greens prefer a bit of shade in the hot summer months.

Put off planting tomatoes? You can still grow tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant if you begin with larger, more mature plants. We have large colorful pots - some with small tomatoes already!

Be sure you are harvesting your fruits and veggies regularly! Summer edibles will produce more if picked at least 2-3 times per week.

Did you know that certain plants and flowers can help repel pests in the vegetable garden? Learn more about The Secrets of Companion Planting on our blog.




Summer is a good time to fertilize your actively growing houseplants. Apply a fertilizer formulated specifically for indoor plants. Be sure to follow the directions on the product label for best results.

Indoor plants have positive benefits on our health and mood. Learn more about the 7 Health Benefits of Houseplants.

Not sure if you have a green thumb? Try these 5 Easy Houseplants or these 9 Low-Risk High-Reward Indoor Plants.




In summer, lawns need approximately 1" of irrigation per week to stay green and healthy!

If you plan to let your lawn go dormant, water about once a month to keep it from dying back completely. Also, try to staff off of dormant lawns as much as possible.



Plant Care Library

At Swansons, we’re dedicated to growing the smartest, hippest, and healthiest gardeners in the Pacific Northwest. Below is a library filled with pages on what we grow in Seattle. Just remember, we were all novices once, and no one knows it all. So enjoy, keep learning, and happy gardening!

Looking for more Pacific Northwest gardening resources? Here is a list of our community partners.