The Grow With Us Program

Every space has potential.
Ask #heyswansons and we’ll help you make your space incredible.

We launched the Grow With Us Program to help our neighbors get the most out of their spaces. Get personalized plant ideas, tips, and advice from our seasoned pros. It’s like having your own master gardener – in your pocket.

1. snap a pic

Of a project you'd like ideas for (or just ask a question).

2. Tag it #heyswansons

On Twitter, Instagram (public), or post it to our Facebook wall.

3. Get Ideas

Via a personalized Pinterest inspiration board our experts will make just for you!

4. Bring in your board

We can answer your questions and help you find exactly what you're looking for.

5. Get 10% OFF

Show your inspiration board to our cashiers for 10% savings on your purchase.